9 Vegetarian Recipes To Try On The Grill

Summertime grilling vegetarian recipes to try, and you won’t miss the meat!

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Balancing healthy & family

I know that getting kids on board with healthy eating can be hard and frustrating and discouraging.  SO SO SO many times I’ve made a healthy dinner full of really good-for-you ingredients and am super excited to serve it and then my girls see it … and they give a disgusted look. It’s so discouraging, […]

Healthy dinners my girls eat and love too

Healthy Kiddos

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How to get back on track to feeling healthy again after indulging/ FivePlates.com

How I get back on track to feeling healthy after indulging! Usually it happens after a holiday or celebration … I’ll indulge too much in sweets, foods my body doesn’t love, more wine than usual, skip my workouts, and then I’ll feel bla and like I need a reset to get back on track. Easter […]

When I want to get back to feeling healthier after indulging, this is what I do

Wellness Tips

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Summer-time breakfast ideas: FivePlates.com

Instead of grabbing a kids’ Zbar (I’m guilty of this too often), here are a bunch of snack ideas that also happen to be healthy and energy-giving. 🙂 If I’m really hungry, I try to make sure to include some protein in my snacks, like nuts, nut butter, yogurt. And if I’m only slightly hungry […]

My favorite quick + healthy snack ideas (kid-approved too!)

Wellness Tips

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These are some of my favorite ways to include the girls in cooking or baking. Especially now, with everyone home! Some of my favorite memories of my mom are in the kitchen together. From baking chocolate chip cookies as a little girl to cooking my first Thanksgiving turkey as an adult. And I want my […]

Ways your kids can “help” you in the kitchen :)

Healthy Kiddos

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A few years ago, making dinner was a BIG stresser for me. If I had a really busy, hectic or stressful day at work or with the girls, the idea of making dinner was really stressful. The last thing I wanted to do at the end of a long day. One more thing to do. […]

How to simplify and enjoy making dinner

Wellness Tips

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One of my favorite things is to be in the kitchen, sipping wine and listening to good music. It’s one of those simple pleasures that actually gives me a lot of pleasure!  I almost always have music playing in the house. While we’re cleaning, making dinner, eating dinner, playing outside, girls are playing … it’s […]

My making dinner playlist


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5 Easy Trader Joe's Dinner Ideas

If you love Trader Joe's too, these are my favorite dinners using TJ's items. Kid- and husband-approved, delicious and healthy.

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