9 Vegetarian Recipes To Try On The Grill

Summertime grilling vegetarian recipes to try, and you won’t miss the meat!

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I've been where you are: overwhelmed with healthy living and feeling guilt and shame around food. Now I'm helping fellow moms realize it's never too late to start living healthier!

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I started this blog because I believe that living a healthy life is doable when you're a busy mom. I share dinner ideas, favorite recipes, tips for healthy living & more.
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Balancing healthy & family

As I’m getting more into my AFPA Holistic Nutritionist Certification curriculum, the more and more I’m learning about the science behind plant-based eating benefits. It’s pretty amazing the power of eating plants! I thought it would be helpful to show what eating 8+ servings of fruits + vegetables a day can look like. But first […]

How to Eat 8+ Servings of Fruits & Veggies a Day!

Wellness Tips

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I want to share my journey to living a healthier life, because I believe in the power of food and feel passionate that living a healthier life is doable. Even though today I make eating healthy, working out and self-care a priority, I haven’t always. It has been a journey — one that I’m still […]

My journey to living a healthier life

My Journey

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5 Easy Trader Joe's Dinner Ideas

If you love Trader Joe's too, these are my favorite dinners using TJ's items. Kid- and husband-approved, delicious and healthy.

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