9 Vegetarian Recipes To Try On The Grill

Summertime grilling vegetarian recipes to try, and you won’t miss the meat!

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Balancing healthy & family

This is my favorite recipe for a healthier chicken salad with dried cranberries and diced apple, celery and red grapes. It’s sweet and savory, and crunchy and creamy. Plus, it’s made healthier with less mayo and plain yogurt. Healthier Chicken Salad with Apple, Cranberry, Grapes & Celery Ingredients: 2 boneless skinless chicken breasts (about 1 […]

Healthier Apple Cranberry Chicken Salad

Dinner Ideas

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I made this bread the other day and it was gone within 24 hours. It was so good. Moist and not overly banana-y or too sweet and the crumble was perfect. We will be making this again next time we have 2 spotted bananas 🍌 😍 It made the house smell delicious and was a […]

Recipe: Healthier Banana Bread with a Peanut Butter Brown Sugar Crumble


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Easy summer garden salad with zucchini, tomato, basil, goat cheese, butter lettuce.

One of my favorite easy healthier living swaps is making homemade salad dressings. Did you know that store-bought salad dressings can be so full of sugar it makes eating a salad no longer healthy? Sugar, and ingredients that don’t need to be there. I love making homemade salad dressings because it’s easy (add ingredients to […]

The best and easiest homemade salad dressings

Dinner Ideas

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I know that getting kids on board with healthy eating can be hard and frustrating and discouraging.  SO SO SO many times I’ve made a healthy dinner full of really good-for-you ingredients and am super excited to serve it and then my girls see it … and they give a disgusted look. It’s so discouraging, […]

Healthy dinners my girls eat and love too

Healthy Kiddos

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How to balance eating desserts and eating healthy.

This is part of a series of posts I’m sharing about small doable changes that I’ve made to improve my health and anyone can make too. This post is a little different, in that it’s how I balance eating healthy while still eating desserts. I have a huge sweet tooth, especially when it comes to […]

SERIES: One Small Change to Becoming Healthier: How to still enjoy desserts

Wellness Tips

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How to eat more vegetables with every meal / Five Plates blog

I’m really excited to start this series of sharing small, doable changes that I made to improve my health and anyone can make too. This first post is about something so simple, yet so impactful: eat more vegetables. When I first became interested in nutrition, I was completely overwhelmed. There is so much information out […]

SERIES: One Small Change to Becoming Healthier: Eat More Veggies

Wellness Tips

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5 Easy Trader Joe's Dinner Ideas

If you love Trader Joe's too, these are my favorite dinners using TJ's items. Kid- and husband-approved, delicious and healthy.

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