I used to hate vegetables.

Ten years ago I had never tried a beet. I didn't know how to pronounce quinoa. The first time I ate a mango I chopped up the skin too (I had no idea it's poisonous. Oops!). Brussels sprouts & broccoli smelled too funky I refused to eat them.

Looking back, it's no wonder I had serious indigestion and a constant upset stomach. I was living on white bread & pasta, lot's of cheese & meat. I didn't realize feeling better was even possible.

a trip to italy changed everything for me

In college during a semester abroad in Italy, the power of food clicked for me. I ate pasta and pizza and gelato daily and my gut issues were gone (although I did gain a few pounds). It was an "a-ha" food moment: my body reacted so differently to real, whole food compared to processed. This was the first of many food "a-ha" moments for me.

As I went through the hardest time in my life, it was the power of food and nutrition and wellness that helped me find myself again. And an even better version of myself.

I lost my mom just as I became a mom myself and grief hit me hard, for years. Taking care of and prioritizing my own health is ultimately what helped me out of the grief fog. I learned to feed my body with fuel it needs, to move my body for the benefits (not as punishment for what I ate) and the power of mindset and daily habits. And I felt really good. It was so life-changing for me.

Now, I'm helping fellow moms find simple ways to put wellness and feeling good first on your to-do list. It's so easy to lose ourselves in life and motherhood but you deserve to have energy, feel confident in your skin and enjoy the foods you truly love. And it begins with holistic wellness & nutrition.


Eating the foods you love plus the rainbow, a positive mindset, small steps, kindness, simplicity, celebrating the little things.


Guilt & shame around food, saying yes to everything, dieting, negativity, one-size-fits-all wellness.


In the kitchen making a mess, shopping at Trader Joe's, outside with my 3 girls, enjoying a glass of wine with my husband in our backyard.

daily rituals

Coffee first, moving my body, plant-filled meals, getting outside, family dinners full of lots of laughs.





these loaded sweet potato fries 

a fruit & spinach smoothie

learning all about the Blue Zones

gooey chocolate chip cookies



to the Live Beautifully podcast

Things That Bring Me Joy

Traveling and making memories with my family. We love big adventures and weekend getaways.

my happy place!

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The beach. I feel so at peace and reflective near water.

Alone time. I'm an introvert mom and I love to recharge by myself. Early mornings, reading, walking and cooking are my favorite "me" times.

Things That Bring Me Joy

Food. I love trying new recipes, restaurants and ingredients. 


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Warm homemade gooey chocolate chip cookies. Is there anything better? :) 

Date nights with my husband. Out at a restaurant or at home with a glass of wine—he always makes me laugh!

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early bird








night owl


air bnb


Where I stand on the super important stuff.
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“There's room in a healthy life for red wine and homemade cookies without the food guilt and overwhelm. Because a life without the foods you truly love and enjoy isn't really a healthy one.”