Healthy living that easily fits into your busy mom-life

The struggle to find time, energy, & motivation to live & eat well as a mom is real. But it doesn't have to be—you deserve to feel energized, confident in your skin & healthy. Let’s find simple ways to put your wellness at the top of your to-do list!

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I'm Lauren, your Holistic Nutritionist.

I've been where you are: overwhelmed with healthy living and feeling guilt and shame around food. Now I'm helping fellow moms realize it's never too late to start living healthier!

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Holistic Wellness Looks Like ...

Mindset: Your thoughts are powerful. You may have some unconscious negative thoughts toward healthy living and we're going to replace those with positive thoughts.

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Sleep: Sleeping well is a key part of healthy living. It contributes to a healthy mind & gut.

Nutrition: Feeding your body with real, whole, colorful & delicious foods is important. But it's also about making room for foods you truly love too. No deprivation, no guilt.

Holistic Wellness Looks Like ...

Movement: Finding movement you enjoy is important to help relieve stress, anxiety and increase happiness. 


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Hydration: Drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily. Dehydration can lead to sugar cravings, fatigue and headaches.

Stress/Anxiety Management: Finding healthy and simple ways to help relieve stress and anxiety in healthy ways can have a domino effect on your life.

5 Easy Trader Joe's Dinner Ideas

If you love Trader Joe's too, these are my favorite dinners using TJ's items. Kid- and husband-approved, delicious and healthy.

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Trader Joe's Dinners

“Small changes over time add up to

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The Five Plates

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