On my plate: What I eat 28 weeks pregnant

One of my goals for this third pregnancy is to not gain 45-50 pounds, like I did with my first two. Yikes! When I think about that or tell people, it’s still surprising I let that happen. But I know how it happened: I gave into every craving and ate anything I wanted. Even if that meant an entire box of Thin Mints in one sitting! But this time around I’m still giving into my cravings, but being more mindful about eating healthy consistently so there’s room for my cravings.

I always enjoy seeing what other people eat in a day because it gives me ideas. So I’m sharing what I ate one day while 28 weeks pregnant. This is a pretty typical example of what I eat regularly, as far as amount of fruits, veggies, protein, grains. I eat five meals a day: three larger and two snacks and feel this really works for me and keeps me satisfied throughout the day and not starving and binging.

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