What a balanced diet looks like for me

When I first took my nutrition more seriously, I felt a little misguided when health and fitness experts I admired and who said health is about balance, only shared photos of their greens and proteins — not when they indulge. And when I had a treat or ate something not “healthy” my body was craving, I felt kind of guilty when I was trying to lose weight after having kiddos. It took me a while to find the right balance of giving in to my cravings, but I know it can be done! I LOVE sweets, especially the combination of chocolate and peanut butter — dessert is hard for me to pass up, especially home made!

But I fully believe that in order to lose weight and meet your fitness goals and maintain them, you have to make room for the things you love to eat. If you’ve deprived yourself of chocolate, or alcohol, or carbs — whatever you temporarily gave up to meet your goal — what happens when you reintroduce those back into your diet? Most likely you’ll gain some of the weight back … and it can be so discouraging.

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