What we eat for breakfast: 4 ideas

Even though I do most of the cooking in our house, my husband owns breakfast. I know how lucky I am to come out to the kitchen to find breakfast warm and ready!

We have a few breakfasts on constant rotation at house and they’re all quick, healthy, packed with protein and kid-approved.

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How I meal prep for a family of four

For a couple hours a week, I meal prep. It’s something I’ve actually come to enjoy. I usually put on some music, (sometimes pour a glass of wine too — when I’m not pregnant 😉 ), and prepare for a healthy week ahead. When I don’t make time to meal prep, I’m more likely to turn to quick, unhealthy dinners and lunches, which can get expensive too. I know myself, and know that meal prepping and planning ahead are key to staying healthy.

I thought I’d share how I meal prep for a family of four. This is what a typical Sunday meal prep looks like, plus a few tips that make it easier for me. 

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Small healthy food tips & swaps that make a big impact

Three years ago, I had never heard of quinoa (and I had no clue how to pronounce it). I had never cooked a beet. The idea that people crave veggies was crazy to me. We ate fairly healthy and didn’t eat fast-food every night, but we also had so much room to improve. I came across small healthy food swaps I incorporated easily into our routine, that made a BIG impact on our health. 

I started really making nutrition a priority just after my second daughter was born. No diets, just eating whole, from-the-ground foods, made with ingredients I could pronounce. Here are five healthy changes or swaps we made to kick-start our focus on nutrition. Three years later, and we still do all of these things, and we’ve never looked back. 

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