Hello and welcome!

I’m Lauren and I live in California with my husband and three girls. I’m a writer with a passion for healthy living and finding balance.

It’s been 10 years since I landed my first writing job and I’ve taken on a ton of interesting assignments since then. I love that I’ve been able to turn writing into my full-time career. But the thing is, I haven’t always been lucky enough to write about subjects I’m really passionate about, that inspire me, and that allow me to be as creative as I’d like.

Now, as I’m entering into probably the busiest phase of my life, this idea kept coming back to me. Starting a blog. Writing about what I want. Creating a space full of content about healthy living, motherhood, food, balance, home and whatever else is inspiring me. So, here I am. Full of ideas and excited to share them with you.

Thank you for reading!

*Photo by the talented Ashlee of Ashlee Gadd Photography